Watching the Robocop Remake

I’ve just finished watching the new Robocop film on Netflix. It surprised me. I must be honest that I watched it in part to be annoyed about the sacrilege – Paul Verhoeven’s original is of course a masterpiece. But the new film had plenty of interesting things to say – and they weren’t all the same things as the 1980s film. And that made me sad for this film. There was some good thoughtful stuff here, some interesting concepts, some neat directorial flourishes and a fine cast. So why didn’t this need to hang it’s frame on Robocop? This was a film that could have told the same story without the baggage of living up to Verhoeven’s work. In making this a Robocop remake it did the original a disservice, but I’m surprised to say it did itself no favours either. This was a good film and deserved a chance to stand on its own.