Saturday Waffle

I got a new job recently. I’m now the web and social media bod for the local churches. Which gives me something more to do with my days than browse Reddit and fail to do any hoovering. In the first week on the job I’ve already set up the new website.

And that’s got me thinking about what I’m going to do with this old site. I’ve had it for a very long time, going back to 2004 I think. Maybe even earlier. And while once it was buzzing, social media has rendered the personal blog somewhat redundant. Or has it? With the rise in bots, fake accounts and online misanthropy of all kinds perhaps there’s still a place to share one’s thoughts away from the toxic atmosphere of forums and comment sections.

I don’t let anyone create new accounts here so there won’t be any posts by Russian teenagers calling themselves Derek575736343 “Pro-Brexit, free speech, Won’t be silenced” etc. And given that I have a decent education and am not a baby-boomer this site is also free of idiotic nonsense support Brexit, cruelty to the poor or the wish to machine-gun immigrants. Nor am I in the pay of Vladimir Putin.

So perhaps I will just carry on making the occasional rambling post such as this and gradually developing this site more into the photography blog I’ve been considering for a while. In the meantime I’m well aware the site runs rather slow. This is down to my host Dataflame – a once good web host but in recent times seemingly giving up on performance and good customer care. I’ll be off to a different host in July when this contract ends, maybe even sooner.

In the meantime if you’re still one of the five people who pops along here occasionally to see what I’m up to, then hello. Nice to see you.