How They Danced, The Little Children Of…

Our youngest is studying the stone age at primary school at the moment. And it was suggested that over the half term holiday pupils should visit somewhere with a link to Britain’s stone age past. Given that our son had already made a Stonehenge cake it was obvious what we had to do.

A Swift blast up the A303 later and we were at the new Stonehenge Visitor’s Centre. And very nice it is too. It’s small – a shop, a ticket office and an informative but brief exhibition hall – but still worth a visit.

The ticket includes a short bus ride to the henge itself. This bus journey features a voiceover telling passengers about the archaeological features visible during the journey. And then onto Stonehenge itself, along with hundreds of other people from all over the globe.

The stones are a magnificent site. But on a bitterly cold and wet day such as this we couldn’t help but wonder what the many visitors from foreign climes made of the henge. We had only travelled an hour or so. If I’d been on vacation in London from China I might have felt the journey was a bit much for a pile of stones.

There was no lack of significance for me though. As this visit allowed me to fulfil a lifelong ambition. Yes I listened to Spinal Tap’s epic song Stonehenge on my phone while at Stonehenge. At what volume? Well what do you think?