“If in doubt, do it anyway” – Harry 1994

Harry Neary aka Grumpyrocker. Writer, editor, guitarist, photographer, metalhead, gamer, parent, widower & vicar’s husband.

Not always grumpy, it’s just a name.


Hello and welcome visitors to the site. As you can see a lot of the blog content is old. I’ve moved some content over from the old site just to give some depth. But many of the technical and current affairs articles were out of date so they haven’t made the trip over. But there’s …

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A Voice for Ellie  – Based on True Events

In 2007 my family was met with tragedy. I tried to tell the story in many different ways but never found the right voice, the right way of explaining what had happened to us.

Finally I settled on a fictionalised account. This has been published in ebook form via the Amazon Kindle platform.

You can buy the book A Voice for Ellie over at Amazon.

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